Your Kids Might Actually Do They’re Chores with These 10 *Free* Printable Chore Charts!

Hey everyone!  So lately we have been really urging the kids to stay on top of their chores.  They are four and nine so of course we’re not asking too much.  To us a chore is “play nice” and “don’t argue” but we also throw in a few that are more work related like “empty the bathroom garbage cans on trash day” and “pick up your toys.”  The kids are pretty good at doing the chore but not always keeping track that they’ve actually done them.  My husband had been using a free printable he found online but it was BORING so I new that I needed to do something to get my kids more engaged.

An older picture of the kids but too cute not to share!

I took to my design software and created a bunch of choices for my kids to choose from.  Ten in total.  I asked them to choose their favorite and then my daughter, the nine year old, who has also grown a love for my design software, decided to sit down with my son and personalize them.  She added a bunch of little pictures to theirs which got them even more excited about the lists, then we printed and laminated them.  Once they were laminated we were able to write on them with dry erase markers and erase them with the dry eraser.  It is like a chore chart made in heaven, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

We love our printable’s because…

  • Our printable’s are FREE!  Who doesn’t love free stuff?!
  • Our printable’s are so cute and fun for adults and kids alike!  There are so many different types of printable’s from to do lists, calendars, recipe cards, coloring pages, worksheets and so much more!
  • Our printable’s, help you stay organized, are lots of fun for the kids in your life and look great on your fridge!

So of course I decided that I had to share these chore charts on here because around here we LOVE printable’s!  And so do, SO MANY, of you!  Ever since I started sharing my printable’s my blog and Pinterest views have shot through the roof!!  This is very exciting for me because, many of you don’t know but I have been blogging for fifteen years.  Yeah, you read that right…  fifteen years.  But I really don’t have much to show for it.  Except for. maybe the ability to put together a blog and make it look profesh real quick… maybe?  Hopefully, that’s how you all feel!

SO I have gone back and forth with my thoughts on this and I think I finally came to a point in my mind where I am like yeah, I am sharing awesome stuff now BUT my voice is not being heard anymore.  You see, I blogged for alllll those years pretty much in silence.  I was writing and writing and writing as if my blog was my little secret diary of thoughts and pains and growths, all the things that made up my life.  From the secrets to the smiles and everything in between.  It was SUPER personal.  SO personal that two years ago I just decided to shut the doors.  I let my account lapse and let my server erase everything I had ever written.  I know, it does sound all kinds of things as I am writing this out, I am feeling all kinds of things.  But, that’s what’s happened.

Then at some point last year I was like ugh I miss my blog.  But I don’t want to tip toe down the black hole of dark thoughts again so how can I blog without it becoming too personal?  I decided to limit the things I was going to write about.  LIKE REALLY LIMIT IT>  and basically make the super vanilla Pinteresty blog of my nightmares.  At first I wasn’t feeling it at all.  I wasn’t writing too much, wasn’t posting too much, I really didn’t even know where to start.  And then somehow some way it just clicked a few months ago and I was like yeah this is kind of cool.  I can mess with this, it doesn’t have to be all boring and basic, I can still be me and share all the cutesy stuff.

And now we’re here.  I know all of this is really not explaining it all with much depth but really, thats the point.  I have learned restraint, I have found the topics that pull on my heart strings and keep me entertained but I have lost my voice in the process.  So I have been thinking about that and realized you know what, in between the download links and the pictures I can be me.  I can crack jokes and talk about the annoying things my kids do and how hard it is to keep my house clean.  I can be real and authentic and myself, I don’t have to act like I have it all together because I don’t, and I am pretty sure even the most put together looking people have a lot of things they are hiding behind the curtains.  AND THAT’S OK>  we all get to pick and choose what we want to share and when.  That is the beauty of social media.  It is a choice.

SO yeah.  That’s where I am at right now.  It is much easier and more fluid for me to allow myself to write like this instead of trying to scour the internet for some bougie reasons why you should print my chore charts.  If you clicked on the link to read this post then you obviously already decided that you wanted the chore charts.  You aren’t reading the words in-between the pictures unless you really want to.  And what do you really want to read about?  Facts on chore charts or what is going on in someone’s daily life?  I don’t know about you but I find reading about someone’s life way more interesting.  So if Google wants 1500 words to get my posts to show up in the search engines, I am going to swing more towards words that matter to me and hopefully to you too.

I hope we’re all on the same page with this!  Because really, I am sure you will let me know in the comments if you want me to shut up about myself already.  HAHAHAHAHA>  Seriously…. COMMENT!!  😉   And here you go, those chore charts you’ve been waiting for….

I love them all!  I feel like I made something for everyone, or at least I tried.  I was thinking it would be fun to print out the grey one (second to last) on a sheet of brightly colored computer paper.  I am going to test that out and report back.  Heres a picture of my daughter’s fully personalized chart, laminated, filled out with dry erase markers and hung on the fridge.

The dry erase markers work great on the laminated chart!


They are yours to keep forever, take them all or just a few, print them now or save them for later to print over and over again, enjoy!

Our promise to you:  All of our printable’s are always free and can be printed in color or black and white by selecting the option to skip out on the color at the time of printing.  Each free printable is a full sheet of computer paper that can be hole punched and placed into a three ring binder for quick and easy organization. 

If you’re looking for some more resources for kids, I have been too!  Here are some articles I’ve found this week recommended some other sites with free things to keep them entertained and learning while they are home 24/7 right now.

This article from has a lot of great resources I am going to look into this week.

Here is another one from that looks like it has a bunch of great stuff for kids.

And there’s this super popular article (it’s been shared over 30k times!!  It also looks like it has some pretty great apps, books, educational resources, etc.


If you click one any links provided on our site and make a purchase, we earn a very small commission from that purchase.  This helps keep our blog alive!  We very much appreciate your purchases and thank you for shopping through these links.   

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