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What I’m Wearing: Day One and Two!

I decided to add a feature called, “What I’m wearing”.  I only have a minute here because it is almost school pick up time but I am going to try and sum it up really quick.  As a stay at home mom, I don’t get out much!  I am new to all of this, I have only been home for a year and was supposed to return to work but was unable to find anything like my old job that could work with the babysitting we had available.  It is a long story in itself that I will tell another time.  But for right now, I had found myself in a real rut.  I stopped doing my hair and wearing make up.  I stopped dressing nice and feeling good about myself.  I have lost almost fifty pounds in the past year getting back to and surpassing my pre-pregnancy weight.

My body feels great but I just completely stopped trying to look like anything but a tired, overworked mom.  Because wow holy -cow.  Being home means being on your feel 24×7!  It is so much more work than anything I’ve ever done in my entire life.  I never expected that.  Seriously so many props to every single stay at mom out there.  This is a lot.  Being home by yourself surrounded by children it’s a lot.  But, I love my kids more than anything on earth.  I feel now like I just can’t leave them.  They are my life and I want it that way.  I want to be their life because they are mine.

But anyway I am so off track here it’s not even funny!  I started taking selfies because I decided that I needed to get myself dressed every day and put make up on.  That I needed to make my hair look nice and organize, paint and clean.  That I needed to go above and beyond and then beyond that.  Because it will never be good enough until it is.  I know that I have not done the best job possible yet around here.  I know that this house is far from being done but I am getting there.  And I am looking much better doing it!  Like seriously, my husband has been giving me compliments and there is nothing better than that.  There is just nothing better then a happy home and feeling love in your life!  So here are my first two days of “What I’m Wearing”!  Which is mostly cat hair and old clothes from Walmart :).


   Tuesday, March 21


Background:  messy

Shirt:  Walmart.  Yes, that’s cat hair

Pants:  Walmart circa, unknown

1st Day of selfies:  No fun!

Wednesday, March 22

After watching some how to videos and purchasing a selfie stick…


Background:  A much nicer corner

Shirt:  Marshalls, many moons ago

Pants:  Very Old Navy  (see what I did there?!  Insert smiley face Emoji here)

Shoes today!  Cabelas Lifetime Warrantee boots that I have had on my feet for probably the accumulation of years at this point.  And I love them more than any piece of clothing, ever.  If the world was ending and I had to turn into a video game character that wore one outfit for eternity I would have to have on those boots.

And, my Carhartt jacket.  See…  New York: An Idiots Guide to the City  that would be my uniform.  For sure.

I’m just so happy that I am taking better pictures that I am going to post a bunch!

Complete with nose marks from my glasses 🙂

I just really like the way my hair looks here!!  Why can’t it always look like this?!

Oh and this cutie had to get a cameo, of course!!!!

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