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Choose Life

Life is hard, the struggles are real

We’re all suffering, we all feel

The air is heavy, we bare the weight

It happens when we procreate

My children deserve more, my husband too

I can’t continue being so blue

Today was hard, another mistake

I feel defeated, more than I can take

I can’t stay down here on my knees

The world is ticking by

I have to pick myself up, before I start to cry

There has to be a light out there

The struggle has to end

I have big dreams I cannot see, I’m always on the mend

I’m searching for the rainbow

The sparkling gleam of light

I’m crawling round the darkness, in the middle of the night

The years are short

The days are long

I need to finally end this song

Stop wallowing, stop crying, stop praying for change

You are the only person who could possibly rearrange

This shattered life, the pain and strife, the chains that bare us down

The example that you set, every time you choose to frown

Stop holding on and bust this frame, there’s nothing left to loose

The only rock that’s left unturned is a life that you must choose


~ Danielle Johnson ~ 05/25/17 ~ 2:25 pm ~

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