Dear Diary

Good Vibes

I am in a much better head space today.

I made a few changes in my day yesterday that definitely made a difference.  For starters, I went running which I haven’t done in far too long.  Running made me feel amazing, it is a feeling that I NEED every day.  Running is sanity, running is clarity, running is peace.  I couldn’t wait to go again today.  Unfortunately life had other plans and by the time I got home from my morning earrins Mason had fallen asleep in the car.  But I said to myself you know what?!  I am going to sweat somehow, someway.  So I went out back, finished picking up a pile of dirt left from when I leveled out the pool last week (small pool, very small pool) and then I said ok, I need to sweat more.  I pulled out the lawnmower and now I feel all, you know that feeling after you work out, when your muscles kind of hurt and feel engaged?  I feel that now which although running really is a mental high for me, having that feeling still really lifts my mood and makes me feel strong, powerful and ready to take on the world.

Yesterday I cleaned all the bins leftover in our playroom from when I was sorting through clothes to give away.  There are still a lot more to go in the basement but somehow it looks worse than ever down there so I need to make some huge strides with all that before I make any more messes up here.  I got my first real comment on the blog yesterday!  It honestly made my day 🙂  I still haven’t written back yer because I really want to sit down and take the time to say something thoughtful and nice.  Right now I am typing as fast as my fingers will carry because I don’t know how long Mason will contently walk around before he realizes that he wants to hang all over me again.

I have no choice but to bring him down to the basement with me after I finish writing this because it just needs to be worked on and there is no other way.  He should be sleeping right now but I only got about 45 minutes out of him, I didn’t realize that the lawnmower would wake him up, major fail.  Alright this post needs to dig deeper because I am feeling bored just writing it.  I have a few topics coming up that I have been wanting to write about for a long time and now that I have put myself out there once, there just isn’t any reason why I shouldn’t keep going.  I need to face all the fears.  I need to show my heart.  I did it once and look, there is one person out there who read what I had to say and said gee, I feel that way too.  THAT IS EVERYTHING.  Nuff said.

Well, this tiny human is tugging on me saying “momma.. mom.. mom.. mom.. momma” so I think that is my que to go.  Later.  Later I will have substance to share.

Until then,


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