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New-ish YouTube Channel + 5 Minute Writing Update

I think the toughest part about blogging is consistency.  Choosing to write as a form of work yet also your hobby is tough because somehow actually sitting down at the computer always ends up on the back burner.  At least, that is how it has always been for me.  I think all day long about blogging while I am doing other things like housework and then at the end of the day I am too tired to actually write all the things that go through my head down.

I started this series about a week ago on my YouTube Channel that really opened my eyes to writing in small spurts.  I have been making these movies every morning where I just walk through our messy house and say hey this needs to be done and that needs to be folded but here we are just me and these crazy kids here living life + we are ok in this messy house!  I can’t be the only one, right?  Raise your hand if your house stays a hot mess in the summertime!!  I have always been embarrassed to have anyone see our house messy but right now I am experiencing two children home 24/7 and I am realizing, I can’t be the only mom going through this!  Keeping the house clean this summer is going to be next to impossible!!  …  I also ask them both how their morning is going and what we are going to do that day.  Of course Mason’s response is usually grunting or throwing food at me but Summer can usually be counted on for some good commentary!  I know some day I will look back at these 2 minute clips and remember all the things about our life right now that are usually so easily forgotten and if that is all they ever are, it makes me smile knowing that I have them.  And really lets be real here, anything that makes me smile these days is absolutely necessary!

So tonight as I was about to fold the mammoth pile of laundry on our couch I thought you know what, I am going to just sit down for 5 minutes, just 5 minutes and whatever comes out is good enough for me.  It is better than writing absolutely nothing and letting each day go by without any glimpse of thought into my mind.  This blog is supposed to be that for me, I know I have said this a lot but I mean it, this blog needs to be there for me!  This is like therapy for me right now in my life.  I sincerely need to hear myself talk it all out through my fingertips so when all I have is zero time or energy I am going to give just 5 minutes because when 2 can make a difference, its a magical wonder what 5 can do.  I feel like this is where I would enter that stupid crazy looking emoji with the eyes pointing in and the tongue hanging out, don’t tell me I am the only abuser of that emoji, it is my spirit animal!

Alright well, my time is up for tonight because I sincerely have to pack for our trip!  Florida here we come 🙂  Summer got CozyPhones in the mail today for our trip, she’s not excited at all to use them, hahaha!<—– click there for the video

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