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I have some new recipes coming out this week and a ton of videos that have made their way to our channel

this past weekend so go check those out and tell me what you think!  I started a video project a few weeks ago that we now call the #messyhometour.  It started out I think as a way to motivate me towards making videos because it is something that would mean a lot to my daughter.  She has fallen in love with a popular You Tube family and it is her absolute dream right now to be just like them.  They have been making videos for years and I know nothing about making videos but I thought you know what, this is a way that we can bond.  After the year that we have just had, we really need that.  We need something to pull us closer together and give us more glue as a family.  From there I started to connect all the dots with my blog.  My blog shouldn’t be all about me and my feelings.  My blog should be a showcase of my family and all thats awesome about us!  I have a heartfelt post coming up this week about Florida and I will go in depth about what happened on our trip and why it changed me.  But for now lets just say, Florida changed my life.  I came back a different woman than I was when I headed towards that plane for our first take off.  I came home with a fire in me like nothing I have ever felt before.  And as a result of that I have completely transformed our yard and changed everything about my daily habits in the short time that we have been home.  Our house has never been cleaner and all the projects I have been putting off for years are suddenly getting done, by me, alone.  I feel great and I owe it all to the time I got to spend and bond with my family.  And now that we are home I want to continue that feeling and that closeness we had on the most memorable trip I have ever taken in my life.  So I hope you enjoy our new channel and all the new content I have in store.  Get ready to meet The Johnson’s, we are coming atcha 😉


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