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The 57th Day of Summer

So I thought it would be a good idea to share our new videos from our (click here) ->YouTube<- channel!  I started a video project at the beginning of the summer called “The 77 Days of Summer”.  It was really meant to catapult us into making videos because my daughter, Summer is so intrigued with Vlogging!  Only, we didn’t know where to start, I felt super awkward on camera and I would get SO NERVOUS every time I tried to put something together.  So there we were two weeks in after promising that we would start this venture and nothing, not one movie had been made.  It was the second day of summer and I just said you know what, we gotta start somewhere, everyone has to start somewhere!  I grabbed my phone, turned the camera away from me and started walking around the house, pointing out the mess that had also felt like this huge eyesore we couldn’t get around!  Because, how to do you film around the constant mess?!  Summer at first was like, “Mom..  what are you doing?  This is not what I was talking about!!”.  But a few videos later she was totally on board and our love for making these videos turned into all sorts of shenanigans!

Right now I have over a thousand video clips on my phone plus additional footage on our camcorder, ranging from a few seconds to 15 or so minutes each!  I was editing right along until I started to have an issue with iCloud taking all my videos from my phone and leaving only thumbnails of them that would then need to be re-downloaded in order to edit and create each movie.  It might not sound like a major issue but, it is a total pain in the neck!  Downloading is really slow and I lost about ten movies that I was almost ready to post which now have to be 100% redone on my computer and learning how to use iMovie on the computer is a whole different story!  But, slowly I am getting there.  Finally today after about a two week hiatus from posting anything on our channel I sat down at our computer and started to clean up this mess!  I thought too that it might be a good idea to talk about each video as it goes public here so I can have some connection to them on our blog and maybe even an explanation to each one!

So without further ado, here is the 57th Day of Summer!  This video is not the most exciting one to be starting this with, I am basically half asleep talking about how messy the house is and forcing myself to stay awake to clean it, haha!  But they do get better I promise!!  Welcome to our home and welcome to The Messy Home Tour!

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