Dear Diary

Breaking the Silence.

It would seem as if I should have some profound words for this but in reality I don’t.  I just know that I need to do it for my own sanity.  Because I realized recently that I absolutely suck at adulting this thing called life and I need more structure to get through my days.  All I seem to do is waste waste waste around in circles getting nowhere.  It’s just one big cycle of looserdom and I am front and center.  And although I have spoken these words thousands of times before, in the true definition of insanity I am going to believe that this time I will actually change.  

SO this time I have a plan.  One that actually involves me living on a schedule and this schedule includes writing.  The stars aligned this morning so I decided today would be day one.  Unfortunately I am being interrupted by a sick toddler who has been waking up early all week despite my best efforts so I need to cut this short.  But, I have started therefore I will be back tomorrow to continue this, whatever this is.  

Because I have given this A LOT of thought and I am not playing this whole monetization Better Homes and Gardens bullshit anymore.  This blog is my diary, if people find it and choose to read it cool.  I am going to still post pictures of my family because photography is a HUGE part of my life.  But I am going to ease back into social media and not put the forced emphasis on it that I was before.  I am sticking to the things that are most important to me.  This blog was supposed to be an outlet for me to release my thoughts.  Since the beginning nothing has made sense to me because I was trying to do and be something that I am not.  I am an old school blogger who just likes to write.  It clears my head.  And that is all.  

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