Dear Diary


So I’m working on this new schedule of gym Monday, Tues, Thur, Fri.  Date night/ kids night alternating Tuesdays/ Wednesday “rest” day.  Writing Mon-Fri.  I have been off to what feels like a great start digging into my roots and finally finding the strength to write the stories of my life that really matter to me.  But now that Wednesday has rolled around this first week I have realized there may not be time to sit down and give that good hour or so I need to write one of those posts today.  Although, a change is definitely coming over me because instead of just saying eh whatever I can’t write today I actually felt really guilty for not sitting down.  I think what could work on Wednesdays instead for now would be a dear diary or even a recipe maybe.  I am not completely opposed to fun things for this blog I just feel like I have this huge weight sitting on my shoulders that I need to get off before I can truly enjoy those types of things.  I don’t have anything prepared for today so I am just swinging from the hip, telling y’all what I have planned for the future.  Tomorrow is back to the gym and back to the story.  I am debating which direction to go, I think I know but I need to sleep on it.  So for now I leave you with a smile because it’s 80 freakin degrees today and there is just nothing better than a beautiful “summer” day!

All my love,


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