Remove all the stress...

Hi, I'm Danielle!  Leader of all things healthy in my home!  I have spent a lot of my life being sad in fact, I even wrote about it for a long time.  I used to call it my online diary but really, it was just a blog full of sadness.

Six months ago my husband almost died.  He was in a serious motorcycle accident that he is not fully recovered from.  This accident completely changed our lives and the way we view life in general.  You know when you see all those corny things like, keep it up you're going places!  Or, stay strong, you are the master of your own universe!  Yeah..  when I look at those now, I actually feel something.  Life really is too short.  Every breath that we take really should be appreciated.

I can't say that I am one hundred percent: new woman, I still have my days.  It's just that now even those days feel different.  There's a lot more to my story, to how I got to where I am and maybe someday I will get to that.  For today, I am going to focus on all things good.

Make everything beautiful...

I've realized that writing about sadness leads to more sadness.  And, writing about good... you get it.  I want a place I can go to gather my thoughts, and put all the goodness together.  That place is going to be here.  Welcome to my happy place.