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We are The Johnson’s!

Welcome to our Blog!  

This is Mommy!  She writes, takes pictures and records us doing silly things!  She brings us lots of places and cooks good food.  She’s s real photographer too and has an Etsy shop! Plus, you won’t even believe this…..  She has a Vlog now!  Yeah, my mom is pretty cool!  🙂

This is Daddy!  He works a lot but when he is home he always plays with us and makes us laugh a lot!  He can solve the Rubix cube and can make his voice sound just like Mickey Mouse!  Oh, and he loves to play Pokemon with me!  He take us for walks and we make pizza cookies!  Yeah, my Dad is pretty great too!  🙂

This is Mason!  My brother is a baby but he is still fun to play with!  He gets in trouble a lot because he’s always climbing on the tables and screaming!  He has a lot of energy!  I really love having a brother, he has the cutest laugh and the bluest eyes!  🙂

This is me, Summer!  Mommy said she wanted to make our Blog better place and more fun so she let me help her with this!  She wants me to talk about myself so here it goes… I like FGTEEV … A LOT..  and, my new swingset!  Um…  oh chocolate and ice cream are sooo yummy!  I love Sweet Frogs because making your own sundae is awesome!  Ok, well that’s all for now!  🙂

Here’s some more pictures, you know, cause we have millions!  Haha 🙂

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