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Hi, I’m Danielle.  I’m a baby loving, coffee drinking, music needing mom.  I am married to my childhood sweetheart.  We’ve had 18 wonderful years of friendship, 15 years of love and 8 years of marriage.  I know that seems crazy for our 30 years of life but, we just seem to fit  together in that certain kind of way.  We have two beautiful children, a five year old daughter and a brand new little boy.  My life right now is a balance of baby cuddles and big girl craft time and I’m loving every second.  Our kids are my world; beach days, museum trips, afternoons at the park, those are the moments that I live for.  I do my best to capture as much as I can.  My phone is always in hand ready to snap the next big smile or funny joke.  I love to run, I exercise as often as I can and try not to think about it when I can’t.  I also love chocolate so that kind of counteracts the whole thing.  I think laughter really is the best medicine. Sunny days and fresh air are my everything.  I recently became a work from home home mom + business owner!  You can check out my shop here.

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