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Abby Lawson @ Just a Girl and her Blog

I am currently reading Abby’s E-Book, Building a Framework.  I recently became a stay at home mom which has granted me the opportunity of “free-time” for the first time in my adult life!  It also means that I need to start bringing in a supplemental income or I will have to return to work next year.  So, I immediately began pouring all of said “free time” into building the Etsy Shop and blog of my dreams.  With the exception of a learning curve, the shop has been a pretty natural process for me.  I have been making jewelry for as far back as I can think.  And with my 11+ years of blogging you would think it would be a no brainer because realistically, shouldn’t I already have some amazingly designed blog with 1.5 million followers and be affiliated with hundreds of companies by now?  In a perfect world, yes.

But here I am, still trying to figure this whole blog thing out.  So much has changed since my blogging life began on a little site called Xanga.  For those of you unfamiliar with Xanga, it is or at least it was, a fully customization blogging platform.  It is where I began to learn about html and web design.  It is where I met hundreds of girls like myself, just trying to type away their feelings in hopes that someone would read it.  There was no Facebook, no Twitter!  You could not advertise your posts on Instagram.  This was before Pinterest existed!!  Xanga was like a secret little community that only the people using it knew about.  It was private yet risky, like leaving a diary on your bedside table.  And, I loved it.  Xanga is where I fell in love with blogging.  I would spend countless hours reading, writing, commenting and designing.  Designing was my favorite.  I changed my layout as often as some would change a handbag.  I loved creating new layouts so much I even offered my services to other “Xangans” free of charge just so I could have something to work on!  Those were the days.

And then there is now.  Now is a thirty year old mom of two whose take it or leave it blogging style has put her years behind the learning curve.  Here is post social icons, Pinterest worthy content snd ISO traffic driving.  It’s as if I have been standing here, right at the edge for all these years just looking in.  Wondering when my time would come.  Wondering when I would find my voice, my confidence… my vision, my niche.  Wondering if I would ever have enough faith in myself to proudly put my heart into a blog and not feel ashamed of what others would think.  I have spent my entire life dreaming of using my creative side for good.  I am absolutely the dreamer, never the doer.  I talk about my feelings about my failed history of blogging more here.  

Until a few weeks ago, when the day came that changed my life so drastically, that I had no other choice but to dive in head first and finally try to make my dreams come alive while I grasp this small window in time.

That is where Abby Lawson comes in.

Abby is a lifestyle/ DIY blogger with what seems to be a big heart and a nice smile.  Abby inspires me.  I found her blog awhile back and never really paid much attention.  I had considered reading a how to on blogging but never had the time, which is why I jumped at the chance now that I do.  I thought you know what, I need some direction, this can’t hurt.  Her book was cheap enough and I found her to be honest and inviting.  I also purchased a how to course from another prominent blogger in my circles but, I haven’t found myself really engaging in that one the way I have with this book.  I honestly believe that if I were to meet Abby in “real life” she would be as sweet and sincere as she comes across in her writing which is why right now she is my biggest blogging inspiration!