21 Questions


Mark. Short version: We met when we were 11. We started dating when we were 15 and said I do at 22. We've been together for 18 years. Long version: Coming Soon!


Two!  Mason, "little blue" + Summer, "hazel" They are the loves of my life.


Yes! Two cats, Mieke + Nollie. One bunny, Hip-Hop.


I am a photographer!  I studied photography and graphic design in college.  I specialize in weddings, children, families and newborns!  I am a newborn photographer at a local hospital.  From spring to fall you'll find me driving all over from wedding to wedding!  And, I am currently renovating the most adorable space to open my very own photography studio.  It is such a huge dream for me!


Running!  I was a chubby kid who found running as an inexpensive way to exercise.  I fell in love with the fresh air in my lungs and the music pounding in my ears as the rush of my feet hitting the dirt sent vibes of happiness through my body.  I ran trails for the first five years, until my husband and I bought our house.  Then I hit the pavement in our neighborhood until I started having issues with tendonitis in my ankles.  Now I frequent the Y.M.C.A, we live super close to one and I really love it there!  If any of you are looking for a great new gym, I could go on and on.  I have nothing but good things to say!!

Also: Gardening, drawing, painting, all the crafting you can think of! Yoga. Cooking. Singing, all the time. Being too shy to let anyone hear me sing, ever. Board games with my kids! Cuddling my cats <3 Drinking iced coffee at the dining room table while blogging 😉

Guilty pleasures?



50/50: Italian + British




A few fun ones in my ears! Belly button (teenage me thought it was a great idea)

Favorite color?


Beach or Mountains?

Both! Both are peaceful and beautiful in their own special ways.

Dream vacation?

Fresh air, good company. Unlimted spa budget.




Public speaking. Mean people. Being truly alone.


Becoming the best possible version of myself.




Yes please.

Movie that made you cry?

Boss Baby. I brought my daughter to see Boss Baby after my son was born. They are five years apart in age so I was very attached to the idea of her being an only child even though I always wanted to give her a sibling. The transition was hard for me. I sobbed at the end of that movie. I truly felt something.


Atypical. I just finished all three seasons in about five minutes. Also, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce and Sharktank. I know, all so completely different. Honestly it depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to dive deep into my thoughts, sometimes I just want to laugh. I think it's the same for all of us.


Same, mood. Sometimes I want to sing my heart out. Sometimes I want to cry and, everything in between. Music is something that I feel very deeply. I love to dance and took a million years of hip hop and ballet when I was younger. I play guitar. My dad is a musician. It's just a huge part of my life.

Eyes + Hair?

Blue!  Hair...  I used to dye my hair all the time when I was younger.  When I finally got it back to it's natural light brown color, I swore I would never dye my roots again.  I have stuck to that for about six or seven years.  Lately I have been giving myself ombre' type highlights. I always dye my own hair, the few times I paid for it I was disapointed.  I just started cutting my own hair again too!  It was all the way down to my hips and I cut about twelve inches off it last week!  My hair is curly, I went from wearing a daily braid to using curl creams again and keeping it down.  So far I'm happy with my decision to cut it, I needed a change!