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Downtown Candle Co.

I recently had the pleasure of trying out some AMAZING soy candles from Downtown Candle Co!  They are a small candle company located in Memphis TN that have been hand pouring 100% pure artisan soybean wax candles for over 10 years!  They take the time to pour each and every candle by hand and the quality really does show through in their product.       I loved their attention to detail, each candle arrived packaged in ECO friendly boxes to ensure their vision of an all natural product.  Everything they promise from their candles is absolutely true, I am sold and now they have a new customer for life!  As someone who had never experienced a soy candle before now, I have to say it would be really hard to ever go back.  The difference really comes in the burn quality, my husband has pretty much banned candles in our house because of the black soot they leave behind all over our walls!  But these candles burn so clean, he actually LOVED them too and now FINALLY I can burn candles again!   The crazy thing is, they use these thin pieces of wood as the wick instead of the usual wax coated ones we are all used to and now I am wondering if those wax covered wicks have something to do with the candles I’ve always known burning so dirty?  There’s a little trick to lighting the wick which they teach you on the little business card you will find in your candle’s box.  The wooden wick needs to be lit at the base that touches the wax, but it lights quickly and stays lit for as long as you need it to.  The wick provided a very even burn and the wax was just clearer than any wax I have ever seen before.  I truly felt like there was something so special about these candles, the day they came I was all smiles and excitement, my husband was too!   Not only did these candles burn incredibly clean but they burned FOREVER.  Like really you guys, I’m not kidding.  I lit this candle the second I took it out of it’s beautiful little ECO friendly box at 1:41 pm on Tuesday and it burned smoothly all day and night until I finally blew it out at 2:17 am, just about 12 hours later and look at how much candle I still have left to burn!!   (Thank you IPhone for conveniently time-stamping my photos!) Now let’s talk about the scent, because really isn’t that the most important part?!  ALL DAY LONG my husband and I both kept commenting on the sweet subtle scent that filled our kitchen.  I received both candles in the scent, RAIN.  It was just that, like a sweet summer rain filling the air of our home.  It wasn’t overwhelming in any way, it wasn’t fake or processed in any way, it was just natural and really pure, if that makes sense?  I really feel like I am …READ MORE

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