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10 Adorable Kid Friendly Easter Crafts!

Summer was itching for Easter crafts so this morning we searched the internet and came up with a list of our favorites!  We started with a Candy Filled Easter Chick we are in between paint coats at the moment but I will definitely update when we finish.  The cartons we have are a bit different from the ones that she used in her tutorial so I don’t think ours will look exactly the same but still cute for sure.  I would love to try all of these in the next few weeks we have until the big day!  Summer is so excited for the Easter bunny, she is always so anxious about upcoming chances for gifts!  I have adorable little chests planned for Easter this year instead of baskets.  I hope she appreciates them for what they are and isn’t upset by not having a traditional basket this year.  I never know anymore how she will react to things, she is getting so big!  Here is our list that we made of Adorable Kid Friendly Easter Crafts for this holiday! Candy Filled Easter Chicks from Bunny Rabbit Handprint Craft by Spring Footprint Art from Foam Cup Bunny by Peep Houses from Sock Bunnies by apumpkinandaprincess String Easter eggs from Fun Easter egg ideas by Cardstock Easter Cubby Houses from Flower Crowns by What are your favorite Easter crafts?!!  Share them with me in a comment below!

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American Flag Printable

With the 4th of July coming up in just a few days, I thought it would be fun to do a little flag project!  I wanted something that would be kid friendly to enjoy with my five year old daughter, Summer.  I created a printable American Flag that can be used as a coloring page, a stencil or a cut and paste.  We are going to head over to print and craft our flag right now!  I can’t wait to share our finished product! Click here for your American Flag Printable to enjoy this project with your kids!  

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Play-Doh Recipe

Skill Level:  Easy Ingredients: 2 cups water 1 cup salt 2 tbsp vegetable oil Food dye (one color of choice) 2 cups flour 2 tbsp cream of tartar I thought it would be fun today to pull out an old tried and true recipe for make our own Play-Doh! It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and my five year old loves helping out from start to finish. Then she spent about two hours creating everything she could possibly imagine up. It was a definite success! Here’s the process: Start with the food dye, the salt, the vegetable oil and the water. My daughter wanted red which is a tough color to accomplish meaning, you need ALOT of it. By that I mean, if you want RED you need about half a bottle of food dye. You could also add a scented oil in this step if you would like your dough to smell pretty but, it isn’t necessary. Put your dye, water, oil and salt in a sauce pan and heat it on low until all the salt has melted. Once you have a nice brightly colored fully melted hot liquid in your pan add your cream of tartar and your flour. Turn off the heat, choose a utensil (I used a silicone turner) and stir it up until it’s fully blended. Enjoy!

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