Family Time Recipes

Family Pizza Night: How to Make the Perfect Pizza at Home

I have been meal planning which I hope to share very soon because, it has really been working out beautifully.  Tonight our planned meal was pizza.  We have A LOT of experience making pizza.  There may have been an entire month last summer where we ate pizza every day so my husband could perfect his dough recipe.  We LOVE to make our own pizza but, my husband really has a sore spot for store bought dough.  I guess all that time spent working on his technique shouldn’t go in vane.  But, it has been a really long time since we last made our own pizza so I kind of forgot all about his loyalty and I may have bought a bag of whole wheat dough with my groceries this week. Shoot me. I have to be honest, the store bought dough was a bit stressful.  Store bought dough is REALLY sticky (I think because it is pre-frozen?) and my husband swears that his dough is so much easier to handle.  So there I was, trying to mediate between my super excited daughter saying “can I try?  can I do that?  can I roll it?  can I put the cheese on now?!!!!!”  While my husband held back his rage against this poor unknowing bag of dough.  Let the record show, I did offer to take over several times but, the pizza king claimed he was oh so much better at making pizza.  Note:  Do not add crazy amounts of flour, which I apparently do or at least did before he became the master of homemade pizzas. But I promise you, it is possible to make yourself a pie comparable to take out even with store bought dough.   So after a bit of dough wrestling, I was finally allowed to step in and finish pressing the dough out into the pan.  Then I was able to let my daughter “do it!” spread the sauce, sprinkle the cheese & finally cook the pie.  Really it is a simple process, anyone with a little patience can do it, I promise.  Even with the evil that is “store bought dough”. First:  Take your store bought dough homemade if you remembered to ask your husband to provide you with his expertise ahead of time.  But if not… start by following the directions on the bag (if store bought).  This dough was bought frozen, taken home and refrigerated.  When we prepped for dinner tonight we had to take the dough out of the fridge and leave it out on the counter inside the bag, allowing it to rise and become room temperature.  This is what the dough looked like when we took it out of the bag… Then you want to sprinkle a tiny bit of flour (when your husband isn’t looking) just to make the dough manageable, and roll it into a ball.  It really does help the dough from sticking to your surface, ours being our nifty Silicone Baking Mat we have used this mat for every pizza and every …READ MORE

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Crock Pot Recipes

5 Ingredient: Crockpot Lemon Garlic Chicken

Summer is here and it is hot!  When the air conditioner is cranking all day long the last thing I want to do is turn on the stove.  I love to break out the Crockpot in the summer because it is convenient heat free cooking!  I love the idea of freeing up my day to play outside with the kids and not having to worry about cutting our fun short to make dinner.  There is zero part of me that ever wants to break away from the nice weather to come inside and stand over a hot stove!  This recipe takes only 5 minutes to set up then you can just walk away until dinner time.  That to me is meal perfection.  You can even choose between a 3.5 or a 6.5 hour cook time.  Perfect for those beach days or aquarium trips, however you choose to spend your summer days!  This recipe makes a light and creamy slightly tart lemon sauce with a subtle garlic bite.  There will be enough to smother your chicken and also your sides which trust me, you will want to do.  Honestly, this sauce is delicious!  My entire family loves it.  The chicken pairs very well with white rice or stuffing and green vegetables like string beans or broccoli.  Bonus if their garden fresh!  Happy Summer 🙂 Print 5 Ingredient: Crockpot Lemon Garlic Chicken 5 minutes 3 hours, 30 minutes 3 hours, 35 minutes 4 Ingredients 4 Bonesless Skinless Chicken Breasts, thawed. 1 (10.5 oz) can Cream of Chicken Soup 1 (10.5 oz) can Cream of Mushroom Soup 3 Minced Garlic Cloves Juice from 1 Lemon Instructions Cook chicken in Crockpot (covered) on HIGH for 3 hours (tip: looking for a longer set and forget time? cook on LOW for 6 hours) After 3 hours on HIGH (or 6 hours on LOW) drain the juices from your Crockpot Mix together Cream of Chicken, Cream of Mushroom, Minced Garlic Cloves & Lemon Juice Pour mixture over chicken and cook on HIGH for 30 minutes (covered) or until done Serve with a side of white rice and green beans or stuffing and broccoli ENJOY! Recipe Management Powered by Zip Recipes Plugin 4.29 Little Blue Hazel 2016 This recipe was adapted from others like it Need a Crockpot to start crocking your summer away?!  How cute is this Disney Themed one?!!  I’m in love, I may just need a second pot.  For those days when I need to double up right?!!  Or how about you buy one and I can live vicariously through you?!  That sounds about right! All my love,

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Cheesy Rice

Here’s a simple food tip for all of you with a preschooler at home who needs pasta shapes like animals but won’t eat the cheese. Save your cheese! Here’s one way to use said cheese.. Cook up some rice, any rice.  Long grain, short grain, Jasmine..  Go nuts! Cook according to the directions then take your cheese packet (or packets, depending on the amount of rice you cooked up) and mix up your rice just like you would a box of macaroni and cheese.  Cheese packet, butter (or margarine), milk.  Done. Best cheesy rice you’ll ever taste and simple too!

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