Family Time

4th of July Memories

In all honesty, it was a great weekend.  My husband and I are facing some really tough life changing decisions right now and we have been working through them so rationally that it has been a real eye opener and reminder of the strength in our relationship.  I am at a full out cross road and I couldn’t ask for a better life partner to help navigate me down the right path. I have been doing some major soul searching, staying up all night tossing and turning, thinking and dreaming. This is one of those moments.  I think it might be THE moment.  The one that makes you who you are.  And I am living it.  Breathing it.  I can’t escape it.  I wake up and it is there just staring me in the face, taunting me with it’s uncertainty.  This is one of those moments that changes you forever.  This moment may be the rest of my life.    And to my beautiful children.  And to my supportive husband.  These memories are for you.       I choose my heart. All my love,

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