Ear Worm

Ear Worm- April

James Arthur has an incredibly sexy voice and makes love to the song, it. is. amazing.  It makes you feel like love is just the most wonderful feeling in the world.  Which it is.  So when I listen to this song I feel love, I feel everything that it is.  It makes me think of the little moments.  I love when a song makes me feel something deep in the pit of my stomach.  That’s what this song does to me.  It makes me feel love deep down in the pit of my stomach.  And, I love that. Say You Won’t Let Go James Arthur I met you in the dark, you lit me up You made me feel as though I was enough We danced the night away, we drank too much I held your hair back when You were throwing up Then you smiled over your shoulder For a minute, I was stone-cold sober I pulled you closer to my chest And you asked me to stay over I said, I already told ya I think that you should get some rest I knew I loved you then But you’d never know ‘Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go I know I needed you But I never showed But I wanna stay with you until we’re grey and old Just say you won’t let go Just say you won’t let go I’ll wake you up with some breakfast in bed I’ll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head And I’ll take the kids to school Wave them goodbye And I’ll thank my lucky stars for that night When you looked over your shoulder For a minute, I forget that I’m older I wanna dance with you right now Oh, and you look as beautiful as ever And I swear that everyday you’ll get better You make me feel this way somehow I’m so in love with you And I hope you know Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold We’ve come so far my dear Look how we’ve grown And I wanna stay with you until we’re grey and old Just say you won’t let go Just say you won’t let go I wanna live with you Even when we’re ghosts ‘Cause you were always there for me when I needed you most I’m gonna love you till My lungs give out I promise till death we part like in our vows So I wrote this song for you, now everybody knows ‘Cause now it’s just you and me till we’re grey and old Just say you won’t let go Just say you won’t let go Just say you won’t let go Oh, just say you won’t let go Songwriters: Neil Richard Ormandy / James Arthur / Steve Solomon Say You Won’t Let Go lyrics © Ultra Tunes, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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How-To Create your own Logo for FREE

When you are putting all your time and efforts into promoting your blog or Etsy shop a great logo can make all the difference in the world!  You may have thought that creating a logo would be at the cost of hiring a graphic designer and praying they see your vision the way that you do.  By the end of this step-by-step how-to post you will see that you can create a killer logo at home for FREE without needing any design experience at all!  I promise! STEP 1 Head on over to PicMonkey.com.  This is my absolute favorite online tool for graphic design.  They are chock full of editing tools, fonts + clip-art type graphics or you can add your own.  They offer a large portion of their site for free or you can upgrade to a subscription plan for $4.99 a month for full access.  Also note:  if you don’t find a font that you like on their site there are ways around that to still achieve your end game:  a killer logo.  There are apps like: font candy, for example that offer even more text fonts to choose from.  You could always create the font portion on your phone and then upload it as an overlay.  What is an overlay you ask?!  We will get to that soon I promise! STEP 2 Find out the optimal size for your logo and enter it in as a custom size.  If you are using assisted WordPress.org, this will be located under Appearance: Customize: Header or Logo.  If you have questions about where to find your optimal size please contact me, I would love to help you out!  Side Note:  If you are creating a personalized Facebook Cover Photo, there is an option just for that, with the exact size already set!  But that is a entirely different lesson I will get into later.  It could be a very similar concept though, if you already had a logo and were looking to create a Cover Photo to display it. STEP 3  Now that you’ve chosen the size you need (don’t worry if you make a mistake here, there is an option in Basic Edits to resize) click: Make it!  This is the fun part!!  Now it is time to play around with text fonts, click the Tt and then add the text for the word portion of your logo, keep that box active and go down the list of fonts clicking on the ones that look good to you and watch as the words you typed change with each different font. Once you find the font that you like, this is also where you will be able to adjust the size and color.  Or choose to bold or italicize your text or change the blend mode by lightening, hardening your text, etc. STEP 4 Maybe all you wanted was a text logo, if that is the case then at this point you are all done and ready to save!  But if you …READ MORE

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Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Putting My Best Foot Forward.

I have been blogging for longer than I would ever like to admit.  Not because I am ashamed of blogging but because, I have had more blogs under various different names depicting different aspects of my life than probably anyone, ever.  Ok and maybe I am just a little bit ashamed.  Not because I should be but because, I am painfully shy and blogging like this is a real push.  I have sat by and watched other women as they swoop in and become “overnight” sensations, in the matter of a few years taking their hobby blogs from unknown to full blown business while I sit here still trying to figure out what my niche is.  I mean I am a mom, I know that I like to blog about recipes, crafts and my kids so technically that makes me a mom blogger, right? But I have been blogging for so long that I am old and new all at the same time and it is all very confusing for me.  When I started blogging, blogs were more like journals where people let out their frustrations and then prayed that someone, anyone might read it.  Or maybe prayed that no one would ever read it because we wanted our blog to be private yet for some reason felt the need to publish our private thoughts online for all to see.  There were no hashtags.  We could not tweet our recent posts, add them to our Facebook page and Instagram an accompanied photo.  Twitter and Facebook didn’t even exist.  I don’t know, don’t quote me on that, maybe it did but if so I wasn’t using it yet.  I know Myspace was a thing at the time but I wasn’t using that either.  My point is, I am still trying to figure this blogging thing out. I find myself writing blog posts in my head every day that never make it to the screen because I guess most of the time I am just too scared to put it out there.  Something has always been holding me back.  My blogging story is basically a metaphor of my life.  I somehow hold myself back from everything just at the end, just when things are about to get good.  We build a beautiful house, it is 95% finished, we’ve been living in it for over three years yet it still has primer on almost all of it’s walls.  I go to school for a hundred years part time, I am one year away from my nursing degree with no desire to finish.  I get everything out to start a project then everything sits on the counter for a week before I even look at it again.  Story of my life.  I have been talking about trying to make money blogging for so long that it has become a running joke in our house.  But how do I admit that I have been at this for over ten years and still have no clue what …READ MORE

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Breakfast Recipes

Easy Cornbread Frenchtoast

I whipped this up today in the matter of minutes and it was good, real good.  So good I thought I should share.  Here’s how: One medium sized cornbread muffin (or any muffin of choice) One egg Splash of milk Cooking spray Toppings (butter, syrup, whipped cream, fruit, etc) Take your muffin, slice it three times from top to bottom to get even-ish pieces. Whip up your egg and milk Dunk your slices Spray your pan, fry up your slices Once each side is slightly browned pop your slices into a toaster oven or regular oven for a few to ensure they are cooked through Top and eat.  Delish

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Play-Doh Recipe

Skill Level:  Easy Ingredients: 2 cups water 1 cup salt 2 tbsp vegetable oil Food dye (one color of choice) 2 cups flour 2 tbsp cream of tartar I thought it would be fun today to pull out an old tried and true recipe for make our own Play-Doh! It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and my five year old loves helping out from start to finish. Then she spent about two hours creating everything she could possibly imagine up. It was a definite success! Here’s the process: Start with the food dye, the salt, the vegetable oil and the water. My daughter wanted red which is a tough color to accomplish meaning, you need ALOT of it. By that I mean, if you want RED you need about half a bottle of food dye. You could also add a scented oil in this step if you would like your dough to smell pretty but, it isn’t necessary. Put your dye, water, oil and salt in a sauce pan and heat it on low until all the salt has melted. Once you have a nice brightly colored fully melted hot liquid in your pan add your cream of tartar and your flour. Turn off the heat, choose a utensil (I used a silicone turner) and stir it up until it’s fully blended. Enjoy!

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