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Gym, Sex + Vodka.

I never made it to the computer yesterday because this week is turning out not at all how I had planned.  The girl who works in the morning for my client is sick so I picked up three of her shifts.  The extra cash in my paycheck will be great next week but to be brutally honest, I was hungover yesterday so when I got home I took a nap instead of writing.  My husband and I usually have drinks on Tuesdays and Saturday nights.  His best friend has “the guys” over every Tuesday so he goes every other week and on the off week we have “date night” at home.  We just set aside the time after the kids are in bed to watch a movie, play cards, whatever and then we usually always end at least one if not both nights with some pretty mind blowing sex.  This past year has resulted in some pretty intense sexual enlightenment for us… and there is no turning back.  I need it and I want it bad… all the time. This wasn’t our date week but for some reason we didn’t have sex at all last week, not once.  Actually it was my fault, I am getting used to waking up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym.  At the same time, I don’t want to “schedule” our sex life.  Even though as it sits now we are pretty much on a schedule already, I don’t want an official one.  Before I started back at the gym if I had a bad day or he did maybe we would switch things up, drink on an off night, let out some steam under the sheets or both.  But now I can’t do that.  It has been over two years since I was required to be anywhere in the morning at a certain time so theres a bit of an adjustment period.  I don’t think he really understood that at first but we talked about it… twice.  And now I think he gets it. How have a managed to write about sex yet make this so super boring?!  Ugh.  I feel like I am just rambling here.  I need to focus my thoughts, if I have time later I will come back to this or touch upon something else.  My husband just called me about something that has my mind racing now so I need to go reflect for a few.  Plus, the girls are finally coming back today (I babysit twice a week) after weeks of sickness being passed back and forth so I need to go wash my floors before the little one gets here.  Until next time… All my love, Danielle

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Dear Diary

When a Boy Met a Girl + 16 Years

I am absolutely the worlds worst blogger!  I feel terrible that I haven’t sat down to write in so long.  I have so much that I wanted to talk about.  Disney!!  O M G.  How have I not talked about Disney?  I have just been so wrapped up in our videos/ photography/ my internship/ graphics/ summertime/ kids/ house stuff/ mothering lately that I just never seem to get here.  To this seat.  Where I am supposed to be writing.  I have been vlogging though!  Yup.  I am a vlogging, I am a vlogger, it happened.  It was this ever so gradual thing that just happened.  These videos are like my drug right now, I can’t even begin to explain how addictive it is to look back at all the memories, the kids little faces, all the changes in the house.  It is all just so irreplaceable.  I have so much beautiful footage, and silly footage and messy footage!!  It is just all so much fun.  So much that I never want to pull myself away but I am finding a way to balance it all. One day I will get to all the Disney pictures I want to share and all the memories I want to type out.  Honestly, it will probably just end up in another video.  I was thinking about interviewing Summer while were watching my clips that I got while we were there and the pictures.  We could talk and reminisce about it all, I think that would be a lot more enjoyable than me just sitting here trying to make some witty blog post about it. I re-opened my store!  I just got my first order since the not so grand re-opening, ha!  A bracelet, these things fly off the shelves I’ll tell ya, they are by far my number one biggest seller!  It is super cute and simple, I wear mine all the time so I can definitely see it 🙂 There is so much good music out right now I can’t even deal right now!  I want to go to bed early but that will probably never once in my life ever happen haha, so I am sitting here trying to do a quick little update and all I hear is one good song after another, how will I ever turn off this radio?!  Nope, no bed for me, just going to keep jamming out here watching Mark snore on the couch. He is pretty cute 🙂 You guys…… yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary! So I’m thinking I’ll flood the rest of this page with pictures and head off to bed! Anniversary flowers 🙂 Lookin prettay in the kitchennnnn 🙂 For dinner I made a pork roast, boiled potatoes from our garden and zucchini from my neighbors garden!   The kids played in the yard with the balls from our baby ball pit.  They thought it was super fun to throw them down the slide!   Circa, I have no idea but way …READ MORE

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