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Family Pizza Night: How to Make the Perfect Pizza at Home

I have been meal planning which I hope to share very soon because, it has really been working out beautifully.  Tonight our planned meal was pizza.  We have A LOT of experience making pizza.  There may have been an entire month last summer where we ate pizza every day so my husband could perfect his dough recipe.  We LOVE to make our own pizza but, my husband really has a sore spot for store bought dough.  I guess all that time spent working on his technique shouldn’t go in vane.  But, it has been a really long time since we last made our own pizza so I kind of forgot all about his loyalty and I may have bought a bag of whole wheat dough with my groceries this week. Shoot me. I have to be honest, the store bought dough was a bit stressful.  Store bought dough is REALLY sticky (I think because it is pre-frozen?) and my husband swears that his dough is so much easier to handle.  So there I was, trying to mediate between my super excited daughter saying “can I try?  can I do that?  can I roll it?  can I put the cheese on now?!!!!!”  While my husband held back his rage against this poor unknowing bag of dough.  Let the record show, I did offer to take over several times but, the pizza king claimed he was oh so much better at making pizza.  Note:  Do not add crazy amounts of flour, which I apparently do or at least did before he became the master of homemade pizzas. But I promise you, it is possible to make yourself a pie comparable to take out even with store bought dough.   So after a bit of dough wrestling, I was finally allowed to step in and finish pressing the dough out into the pan.  Then I was able to let my daughter “do it!” spread the sauce, sprinkle the cheese & finally cook the pie.  Really it is a simple process, anyone with a little patience can do it, I promise.  Even with the evil that is “store bought dough”. First:  Take your store bought dough homemade if you remembered to ask your husband to provide you with his expertise ahead of time.  But if not… start by following the directions on the bag (if store bought).  This dough was bought frozen, taken home and refrigerated.  When we prepped for dinner tonight we had to take the dough out of the fridge and leave it out on the counter inside the bag, allowing it to rise and become room temperature.  This is what the dough looked like when we took it out of the bag… Then you want to sprinkle a tiny bit of flour (when your husband isn’t looking) just to make the dough manageable, and roll it into a ball.  It really does help the dough from sticking to your surface, ours being our nifty Silicone Baking Mat we have used this mat for every pizza and every …READ MORE

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Play-Doh Recipe

Skill Level:  Easy Ingredients: 2 cups water 1 cup salt 2 tbsp vegetable oil Food dye (one color of choice) 2 cups flour 2 tbsp cream of tartar I thought it would be fun today to pull out an old tried and true recipe for make our own Play-Doh! It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and my five year old loves helping out from start to finish. Then she spent about two hours creating everything she could possibly imagine up. It was a definite success! Here’s the process: Start with the food dye, the salt, the vegetable oil and the water. My daughter wanted red which is a tough color to accomplish meaning, you need ALOT of it. By that I mean, if you want RED you need about half a bottle of food dye. You could also add a scented oil in this step if you would like your dough to smell pretty but, it isn’t necessary. Put your dye, water, oil and salt in a sauce pan and heat it on low until all the salt has melted. Once you have a nice brightly colored fully melted hot liquid in your pan add your cream of tartar and your flour. Turn off the heat, choose a utensil (I used a silicone turner) and stir it up until it’s fully blended. Enjoy!

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