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3 Ingredient: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Print 3 Ingredient: Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients With just 3 simple ingredients you can whip up this perfectly refreshing and beautifully vibrant smoothie in minutes, making it the perfect partner to your daily breakfast! Boasting naturally sweet, freshly frozen strawberries and banana this simple drink combination is a fan favorite even the pickiest of little eaters will love! I promise this will soon become the new favorite frozen treat of the summer!! Shhh they don’t have to know its healthy! ūüėČ 1 cup frozen strawberries 1 small banana 5.5 oz coconut water (I pour this into the blender up the the 1st line, its about 1/2 a container of Viva Coco Coconut Water) Directions: Blend until smooth! Enjoy! Instructions Recipe Management Powered by Zip Recipes Plugin 4.29 Little Blue Hazel 2016

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Messy Home Tour Our YouTube Channel

58th Day of Summer

As promised, I was able to edit and post two videos today so here is the second one! ¬†This is actually a follow up video to the last video, I did a second tour around 12:30 am after I finished cleaning the house. ¬†There are a few clips of the kids playing that follow the tour! ¬†This far into the summer I started to realize that I had a lot more of the day to share and started adding in additional footage at some point along the way! ¬†These videos definitely worked exactly the way I had hoped. ¬†It went from walking around showing off our mess to recording the kids playing, showing off the garden, showing off our CLEAN HOME! ¬†Woah, haha! ¬†Me actually yup, you know what I am going to say next… ¬†I started vlogging, for real vlogging, with my face alone on the camera. ¬†I know, I am as shocked as you are. ¬†Then comes “Summer’s Corner” games, karaoke, more playtime. ¬†And, dare I even mention I end up doing karaoke all alone, like for realz singing by myself in front of a camera. ¬†I mean, it isn’t pretty, I can never get through a song with all the right words or stay in key but I did it! ¬†AND, I am really going to post those videos too, for real. ¬†As soon as I get there, in editing. ¬†UGH CURSE YOU ICLOUD!!! But just know, we have so much more fun coming up!!!! SO (please) SUBCRIBE AND STAY TUNED!!! ¬†ūüôā THANKS GUYS! ¬†(AND GALS!)

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Breakfast Recipes

Freezer Scrambled Egg Wraps

One of my favorite things is a quick meal, even better if it is made ahead and ready for a heat through and serve. ¬†I recently put together these super easy scrambled egg wraps. ¬†They came together so fast I wish I had thought of them years ago! ¬†They freeze great and warm up fast in the microwave. ¬†It has been awesome having these on hand for a simple breakfast on the go! ¬†There are a lot of mornings where I just don’t have the time to cook for myself and make sure the kids are fed and happy! ¬† These even make a great low fat¬†snack for any time of day which is also great for me and this little bit of baby weight I’m still working off! So the process is simple.. First start with eggs, milk, tortillas, cheese & sausage (optional) Then scramble your eggs and milk, cook. While your eggs are cooking, set up your tortillas. I took my¬†cutting board and lined up the tortillas, then placed a single slice of American cheese on each. Once I was done with that I cooked my sausage according to the directions on the package. Then I cut up my sausage into small chunks. ¬†By now the eggs were done so I added the sausage to my eggs. Now I took the sausage & egg mixture and brought it over to the tortillas. Now all that was left was to take a spoonful of the sausage & egg mixture and place it on each tortilla. ¬†I tried to¬†spread out the mixture as even as possible. ¬†And, I tried to keep each spoonful in the center of the tortilla, right on top of the cheese. Once I had spooned out all my mix, I wrapped them up with parchment paper and popped them into the freezer! ¬†My thought here was that the parchment paper could be microwaved which works great when reheating. ¬†¬†I used small pieces of white duct tape to hold the parchment paper closed. Then I put together this cute little directions tag for my husband because, let’s be real here.. ¬†I’m not a morning person. I put all the wraps in a favor bag because, that’s what I had¬†on hand¬†but a gallon zip lock is great too. ¬†And vuallah, breakfast for the week. ¬†So simple. This is how they looked fresh out of the freezer.. And the best part, they are super yummy and taste fresh every time!! ¬†#winning Print Freezer Scrambled Egg Wraps Ingredients 6 eggs 6 slices american cheese (optional) 6 soft tortillas 4 breakfast sausage (or bacon, slices of ham, diced sweet peppers, etc) splash of milk salt & pepper spray cooking oil Instructions In a large mixing bowl, scramble your 6 eggs and splash of milk. I used whole milk but any fat content will do. Spray cooking oil onto medium sized fry pan and warm over low-medium heat, be careful not to burn your oil. Slowly pour your eggs into pan and …READ MORE

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