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3 Ingredient: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Print 3 Ingredient: Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients With just 3 simple ingredients you can whip up this perfectly refreshing and beautifully vibrant smoothie in minutes, making it the perfect partner to your daily breakfast! Boasting naturally sweet, freshly frozen strawberries and banana this simple drink combination is a fan favorite even the pickiest of little eaters will love! I promise this will soon become the new favorite frozen treat of the summer!! Shhh they don’t have to know its healthy! ūüėČ 1 cup frozen strawberries 1 small banana 5.5 oz coconut water (I pour this into the blender up the the 1st line, its about 1/2 a container of Viva Coco Coconut Water) Directions: Blend until smooth! Enjoy! Instructions Recipe Management Powered by Zip Recipes Plugin 4.29 Little Blue Hazel 2016

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Dear Diary Weight Loss/ Healthy Living

Gym, Sex + Vodka.

I never made it to the computer yesterday because this week is turning out not at all how I had planned. ¬†The girl who works in the morning for my client is sick so I picked up three of her shifts. ¬†The extra cash in my paycheck will be great next week but to be brutally honest, I was hungover yesterday so when I got home I took a nap instead of writing. ¬†My husband and I usually have drinks on Tuesdays and Saturday nights. ¬†His best friend has “the guys” over every Tuesday so he goes every other week and on the off week we have “date night” at home. ¬†We just set aside the time after the kids are in bed to watch a movie, play cards, whatever and then we usually always end at least one if not both nights with some pretty mind blowing sex. ¬†This past year has resulted in some pretty intense sexual enlightenment for us… and there is no turning back. ¬†I need it and I want it bad… all the time. This wasn’t our date week but for some reason we didn’t have sex at all last week, not once. ¬†Actually it was my fault, I am getting used to waking up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym. ¬†At the same time, I don’t want to “schedule” our sex life. ¬†Even though as it sits now we are pretty much on a schedule already, I don’t want an official one. ¬†Before I started back at the gym if I had a bad day or he did maybe we would switch things up, drink on an off night, let out some steam under the sheets or both. ¬†But now I can’t do that. ¬†It has been over two years since I was required to be anywhere in the morning at a certain time so theres a bit of an adjustment period. ¬†I don’t think he really understood that at first but we talked about it… twice. ¬†And now I think he gets it. How have a managed to write about sex yet make this so super boring?! ¬†Ugh. ¬†I feel like I am just rambling here. ¬†I need to focus my thoughts, if I have time later I will come back to this or touch upon something else. ¬†My husband just called me about something that has my mind racing now so I need to go reflect for a few. ¬†Plus, the girls are finally coming back today (I babysit twice a week) after weeks of sickness being passed back and forth so I need to go wash my floors before the little one gets here. ¬†Until next time… All my love, Danielle

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Dear Diary The Daily Dress

A Dairy Free Life

A stomach virus ravaged my house for the past three weeks slowly passing from one of us to the other. ¬†It ruined my birthday. ¬†My husband was the sweetest thing bringing me home this beautiful special ordered carrot cake, he said the only cake he’d ever seen me eat was carrot cake. ¬†His heart really was in the right place. ¬†The problem was, my husband is the kind of guy whose ability to cook stops with toasting his bagel in the morning so he had no idea the cake was loaded with cream cheese and butter cream frosting. ¬†It was a devastating blow to my very fragile state but, I healed and pushed through it. ¬†By Wednesday last week after being sick for five days I finally woke up feeling full of energy again and ready to go. ¬†The kids and I went to the beach Wednesday, the zoo Thursday, and back to the beach Friday with my little niece. The girls had a cute little sleepover Friday night and then we spent Saturday hanging around the house. ¬†It was a great, very busy week. ¬†Then Saturday at about two o’clock in the morning I realized I had never brought the kids to go have their picture taken with the Easter bunny, it broke my heart. ¬†Mark was really upset too, we have a picture every year from the time that summer was an itty baby. ¬†Last year we have one of Summer holding itty bitty Mason. So missing it this year makes me so sad. ¬†But at the same time, Mason really doesn’t like masks or strange people. ¬†This was his reaction to Santa…. I mean lets be real here, I already have a picture of him screaming on a strangers lap. ¬†Yet still, I am bummed. ¬†So much that I considered renting a bunny costume just so we could take the picture ourselves. ¬†But when I brought up the idea to Summer she said, “Mommy, I really don’t want to do the picture this year”. ¬†She didn’t want to “do” the picture with Santa this year either, it was like pulling teeth. ¬†Is our tradition over? ¬†Excuse me while I go wipe my tears, I’m crushed.   It has been over a month since I decided to give up dairy as a two week experiment to see if it could help to clear up my skin. ¬†I have cystic acne. ¬†Adult hormonal cystic acne. ¬†Or at least that is what the dermatologist I saw told me. ¬†He also told me to load up on these crazy drugs that were going to change my hormones. ¬†I was like, hell no! ¬†I mean why would anyone be so obliged to make such a drastic decision without at least trying to adjust your diet? ¬†We are what we eat people! ¬†When your inner body is not digesting something correctly, if you are becoming inflamed from eating some (like dairy) especially when you are intolerant (lactose) to it, your insides aren’t the …READ MORE

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