5 Adorable (and free!) Printable Worksheets Your Kids Are Going To Love!

If you have been following my blog for awhile now then you know that I LOVE making printable’s!  Creativity has my heart and Graphic arts really are my jam.  As a photographer and a writer I am used to spending countless hours in front of a computer editing and gushing over beautiful pictures.  Even though I do dive back into more core artsy things from time to time like painting and drawing, I just have to be honest, I really feel at home in front of a computer.  Making printable’s is a fun little hobby that really relaxes me and I love that once I am done I can share what I made with someone else who can enjoy it too!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about homeschool because I am super new to my new role as a pre-school and fourth grade teacher.  I am truly trying my best to give it my all while still juggling all the other parts of my life.  I know so many of you can relate to this right now because we are pretty much all in the same or a similar situation.  Whether your kids are partially or fully remote; or home completely, all of us are adjusting to this new normal we call, the 2020 school year.

This week I am focusing on putting together some printable’s that I can share with my son in the week’s ahead.  He is my free spirited little pre-schooler who has been home his entire life and doesn’t really understand the concept of sitting through a school day.  He has already gotten verging on bored with ABC Mouse (good thing we took the plunge and invested in the whole year, ugh).  But I haven’t given up hope yet, I am trying to use everything I’ve got at my disposal to keep in engaged which seems to be only for short spurts of time.  I’m telling myself it will get better, I just need to be consistent and keep at it, like everything else, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Todays’ printable’s are focused on tracing.  This set offers shapes, numbers, letters, days of the week and the names of five different woodland creatures.  

Just click the link below the pictures to download your worksheets of choice or click the last link (set) to download the entire set of worksheets at once.  Enjoy!

Click here to download your Pre-K Tracing Page Woodland Animals free printable worksheet

Click here to download your Pre-K Tracing Page Days of the Week free printable worksheet

Click here to download your Pre-K Tracing Page Letters free printable worksheet

Click here to download your Pre-K Tracing Page Numbers free printable worksheet

Click here to download your free Pre-K Tracing Page Shapes free printable worksheet

Save time by downloading the entire set with one click!

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  1. Wow great printables. Thanks

    1. You’re welcome, enjoy!

  2. I love these printables! They’re so cute! Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH!! 😉

  3. These worksheets are absolutely so much fun! I bet my littlest would love these. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH!! They were a lot of fun to make, enjoy!! 😉

  4. These are way too cute.
    I am sending the link to my daughter’s teacher!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! You just made my day 😉

  5. Great worksheets! They are super cute too. I’m definitely going to share this with friends.

    1. Thank you so much!!! 😉

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