Today I am sharing a fun blueberry fact sheet free printable.  It is another page from the collection I have been working on with my daughter, Summer.  She had to do some research on fruit for Girl Scouts and we thought, why not make her project into a cute infographic since kids tend to be such visual learners!   It was so enjoyed by the girls in her troop that I thought we should share it here on our site.  To our surprise, the fact sheets have become one of our most viewed and shared pages, so exciting!  Not bad for a fun little school project!

My daughter, Summer, is a big fan of National Geographic for Kids specifically, Weird but True.  If you aren’t familiar with Weird but True, it’s a super fun resource chock full of science facts.  My daughter honestly can’t get enough.  I think that’s why these fruit facts really resonate with her.  A cute little fact sheet just catches your eye and makes you want to learn.  And I love that because, I am totally on board with anything that makes my kids want to learn, especially about healthy living!

These free printable fact sheets would be the cutest addition to any classroom.  They print out as a full sheet that can be easily hole punched and put into a three ring binder, making organization a breeze.  I will link up my favorite binders and hole punch at the bottom of this post.

I have a whole list of fruits that we are currently working on so stay tuned for those!  If you have any special requests for fruits you would like fact sheets made for you can leave me your requests in the comments, I would love to hear from you!  These fruit fact sheets have brought so much joy, they have been so much fun to create!

click here to download your free blueberry fact sheet printable

Link Ups:  The following items were used to create a cute binder to organize these free printable’s

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