I have a lot of DIY things going on right now in my life between renovating my very first photography studio ever, my 3rd baby!!  And, everything always going on in our house.  We built our house seven years ago and it has been a constant stream of organizing, re-organizing, painting and projects ever since!  You all know the drill, unless you have a lot of time on your hands, a ton of cash and a team of workers- your house is never finished!!! SO right now I am trying to get our house to a point where I am like yes, come over, no I don’t need a days notice to power clean and hide the giant pile of laundry hahahahaha.

I recently made over my closet and it has me all like, how did I neglect this space for so long?  Instead of having this awesome spot to come drop my bag in at the end of each day like yes, this is what’s up in life right now….  I was using it as another place to store the giant never ending pile of laundry -I know, I know- story of my life.

Without further chatter I will share with you the progress I am so proud of, my closet tour!!  🙂

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