Easter in Quarantine

The Easter bunny came and the kids were thrilled to hunt the eggs hidden around our house and play with all the goodies in their baskets! We ate cornmeal pancakes with berries on top, one of my absolute favorite recipes I will share this week!  We dragged our heels playing with new toys and eating chocolates, we went for a run/ bike ride.  We made a ham dinner and then some pretty awesome cupcakes.  They were from a box mix but actually could have been the best box mix cupcakes we have ever had so I will share that info too!!  It was a fun day that went by so fast and now today it is SUPER windy here and pouring rain.  The kids and I are just hanging out, I think I am going to clean their playroom because it looks like a bomb went off in there!  I will share before and afters because I am hoping that the transformation will be worth showing off!  Keeping me sane this week is the new Kindle we picked up for Mason, if you are thinking about getting your little ones tablets, I HIGHLY recommend the kids edition Amazon Fire, we bought our daughter an iPad around his age and we have always been all about Apple products that we didn’t think an inexpensive tablet could compare.  We were so wrong!  These tablets have come so far in the past few years.  This Fire is just as good if not better than the iPad at a fraction of the price.  No Joke!!

Here are some of our pictures from yesterday 🙂


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