*Free* Printable, Pin the Feathers on the Turkey Craft

Alright y’all, today I have a super cute free printable turkey craft your kids are going to love!  It is super simple to do, just cut out the shapes and glue the feathers to the back of the turkey.  So easy that it is perfect for kids (and adults) of all ages!  My kids are four and nine and they had a lot of fun making their turkeys.  Just download the pages, print, cut out (you may want to help out with some or all of the cutting) and have your little one glue on the feathers with a glue stick, that’s it!

Can we talk about Thanksgiving being only two days away?!  I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by.  I feel like every year around this time I feel the same way like, how the heck is it Christmas time, where did the year go?  This year is definitely no exception.  But even though it has been a strange year with Covid 19 and having my kids home doing virtual school full time, I honestly have to say that this has been one of my favorite years ever and mostly, because of those things.

I absolutely love having my kids home, I love the slower change of pace to our days.  I love not having to rush around getting my daughter ready for school in the morning.  I love that my son didn’t have to start full time pre-k this year and has instead been home with me longer.  I loved that my husband had a few months where he was working from home a few days a week when usually he works out of the home 6 days every week.  I love that I have been home.

I do have a part time job outside of my business (I am a professional photographer and have a photography business) I work part time as a newborn photographer for a company that is contracted to work in hospital with new babies.  I miss the babies and the new moms and the company honestly because I love working for them.  But, being home with my babies this year has been amazing.

I hope all of you that read this are having a great year, making the best of what we have been dealt and rolling with it.  Being thankful isn’t always the easiest state of mind but when you are able to find it within yourself to appreciate the life that you are living, every day feels a whole lot more special.  I have been really trying my best to get into this mindset lately.

One of the things that I have been doing differently to increase the positive vibes going on in my life has been surrounding myself with things that make me feel good.  I know this isn’t always easy.  I know this SO MUCH believe me.  I wasn’t always here.  I wasn’t always home with my babies deciding what I wanted to do and when  I wanted to do it every single day.  And even when I did get here, I wasn’t always happy about it.  But, how I got here is a pretty lengthy story for another day.

For now I will leave you with this, I worked part time from 16-19.  Full time from 19-30.  I worked full time and went to college part time from 22 until now.  Yes, I have two classes this semester to finish and I will get my photography degree in May of 2021.  I changed majors three times.  I went super part time.  I overloaded my plate to the point where it was spilling over with stress every second I was awake and even in my sleep.  I HATED MY JOB.  I sat in my office and cried every single day for the last two years that I worked there.  I was a year away from getting my RN degree when I left my job and then decided I wanted to follow my heart and photography instead of my pockets and nursing.  My story has a lot of twists and turns, just like all of yours!

I have been blogging for fifteen years and for a long time I shared super personal things that I probably shouldn’t have.  Because of that it was always more of a secret diary and I rarely did social media.  Now I share only the happy parts of my life and I’m always on social media.  I think I would like to get to a place where I can be somewhere in the middle.  Not always sharing fun, not nearly getting to the sad.  Just the real.  I would like to be somewhere in the real and find my people, my tribe, who think like me and like the things I share.

The take away:  SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD>  GOOD FEELS GOOD.  That’s all I got.  For now 😉

So here’s your printable!!  As always, it’s completely free to download and print, super cute and fun.  Doesn’t require a lot of stuff to make and your kids are going to love it.  So go ahead and click the link below to download your free printable and pin those feathers on your turkey craft!


Grab some,  scissors and a glue stick.  If you want to laminate it, do it!  I suggest putting an addition piece of white paper behind the turkey that you cut to size because the feathers are super colorful and can be seen through the turkeys head if you don’t.  I know this because, I didn’t put a piece of white paper behind the turkey, laminated it and, I can see the feathers through the turkeys beak…  The next one we make tho, that turkey’s gonna be so perfect LOL!




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  1. THANK YOU for the sweet pin the feather on the turkey printable! As a last minute substitute for Primary singing time, I looked for this, only to find I would have to join an email list or pay for it. Then I stumbled on your site…perfect! I printed it out in no time with no strings attached… you saved the day!

    1. This is the nicest comment that I have ever received, THANK YOU!!

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