Halloween Themed Coloring Book

I always like to put together at least a few coloring pages for every holiday because my kids love to color.  These pages are cute and perfectly on theme without being too spooky.  I always have my four year old in mind when making these craft because he is five years younger than my daughter.  It can be a challenge to find things that we can do together being old enough for her growing mind and young enough for his.  They are both home full time doing virtual school this year so I have found it challenging to keep them both entertained in the downtime and not just running for the tv.  I started making worksheets, coloring pages and activities for them as a way to spend time together, learn and have fun during these strange times where we have found ourselves at home 24/7.

Supplies Needed:  

  • printer (and 8.5×11 inch printer paper) 

These coloring pages can be printed individually by choosing any range of pages, double or single sided by during those options during the printing process.  Each page prints as a full 8.5×11 sheet of printing paper.  If you print all the pages there is a front and back page included so you can make a coloring book by stapling all the pages together or hole punching and placing the pages into a soft or hard covered binder.  These pages are great for the classroom or at home for kids and adults of all ages.  They were made with the youngest in mind so they aren’t too spooky and kid approved!  I know you will enjoy these free printable coloring pages.

To download the *free* printable halloween themed coloring book for kids



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