3 Fun and *Free* Printable Halloween Activities for Kids!

In today’s post I will share three different printable Halloween activities I made that my kids loved.  These free printable Halloween activities can be downloaded for free by clicking the provided links, the pages will open up in a separate window.  From there you can choose to either print the immediately or save them for later.  They can be saved on a computer, tablet or laptop.  If you do not have a printer you could save the files on a usb and have the pages printed at staples in color for $.55 cents each page or in black in white for $.13 each page.  Every activity can also be printed in black and white at home by clicking black & white during the printing process.

With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to make some free printable activities for the kids.  Because, we are just all about free printable’s around here!  I love making and sharing printable’s, especially when they are made with kids in mind.  My kids are four and nine and thoroughly enjoy helping out to choose colors, pictures and fonts.  They love to give me ideas of what they want to see made and they are always the first in line to try them out.  It can truly be said that all our printable’s are kid approved!

We love our printable’s because…

  • Our printable’s are FREE!  Who doesn’t love free stuff?!
  • Our printable’s are so cute and fun for adults and kids alike!  There are so many different types of printable’s from to do lists, calendars, recipe cards, coloring pages, worksheets and so much more!
  • Our printable’s, help you stay organized, are lots of fun for the kids in your life and look great on your fridge!

Today’s printable’s were a lot of fun to create and lots of smiles from my kids when they got to try them out.  I kept them all very kid friendly, minimally spooky.  They are perfect for kids of all ages (adults too!) but they were made with my four year old in mind.  He isn’t too fond of our Halloween decorations this year.  He told us the most adorable plush spider we put out was scary and to hide it!  But then loved all of our little skeleton people.  Go figure.  

But enough about me, 

let’s show you these activities!  


First up we have….

JACK-O-LANTERN, Pumpkin Craft

This is a really cute pumpkin printable that comes with three sheets of eyes, noses and mouths to be cut out and pasted onto the pumpkin so you and your kids can make adorable paper jack-o-lanterns.  To view the Jack-O-Lantern, Pumpkin Craft alone in a separate post by itself, Click Here.

Supplies Needed:  

  • printer (and 8.5×11 inch printer paper)
  • scissors
  • glue stick

This free printable pumpkin craft includes all of the adorable pages shown here.  Your kids will be able to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth of their choice to assembly their own jack-o-lanterns.  Don’t be shy, print as many as you need (or save them for later), even print one for yourself so you can join in on the fun! Each page prints as a full sheet of computer paper.  If you don’t need the directions, choose pages 2-5 during the printing process.  If you don’t have a colored printer, that’s fine too!  All of our printable’s still look and work great when printed in black and white.

To download the *free* printable jack-o-lantern pumpkin craft activity for kids



Next up we have…

Halloween Themed Printable Card Matching Game

These games are always fun for us to play as a family or one on one with my son alone.  He is four and has a short attention span.  Matching games are always a good choice with him because it’s a concept he almost understands.  He definitely gets that he needs to find matches, it’s just the patience of waiting for his next turn that seems to be an acquired skill.  Either way, these games are still a great learning resource so I decided to make a Halloween themed one and try out the laminator I had sitting in the back of our closet for way too long.  To view the Halloween Themed Printable Card Matching Game in a separate post by itself, Click Here.

Supplies Needed:  

  • printer (and 8.5×11 inch printer paper) 
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • laminator
  • four 12×12 inch laminating pockets (or more of a smaller size)

This game has:

  • Large sized pieces are just right for small hands.  The set makes 24 cards (for 12 sets) and has bright, colorful pictures that encourage; interaction, pattern, color and shape recognition.  Develops fine motor skills, problem solving and helps with memory strengthening.  


  • Print all sixteen provided card pages. Take pages one and two (a front and a back page) place them together so the blank sides are touching. Repeat with the other three sets. You will have four sets total. Put your stack back together and cut out the cards using the white spacing as your guide. Try to keep the pages tightly together so your cards are even in size. Once they are all cut you can dap a little dot of glue (using a glue stick) to hold each card together. Warm up your laminator.  Open up a 12×12 laminating pocket and line your cards up leaving space between each card. You will have enough room to fit nine cards in each laminating pocket. When you have all your cards lined up neatly, run them through your laminator. From there, take your sheet and cut along the clear space in between each card. For best results, cut as evenly as possible.
  • Laminating Pockets FAQ…  The cards fit perfectly even in four 12×12 laminating pockets.  If you do not have that size it is ok, you will just need a few more pockets to fit all the cards.

Game Play:

  • All cards are laid face down on a flat surface. Take turns flipping two cards with each turn. If a pair is found, the player with the pair takes another turn. If not, the cards are turned back over and the next player takes a turn. The player with the most pairs wins the game.

To download the *free* printable matching card game for kids



Last up we have this…

Halloween Themed Coloring Book

I always like to put together at least a few coloring pages for every holiday because my kids love to color.  These pages are cute and perfectly on theme without being too spooky.  I always have my four year old in mind when making these craft because he is five years younger than my daughter.  It can be a challenge to find things that we can do together being old enough for her growing mind and young enough for his.  They are both home full time doing virtual school this year so I have found it challenging to keep them both entertained in the downtime and not just running for the tv.  I started making worksheets, coloring pages and activities for them as a way to spend time together, learn and have fun during these strange times where we have found ourselves at home 24/7.

Supplies Needed:  

  • printer (and 8.5×11 inch printer paper) 

These coloring pages can be printed individually by choosing any range of pages, double or single sided by during those options during the printing process.  Each page prints as a full 8.5×11 sheet of printing paper.  If you print all the pages there is a front and back page included so you can make a coloring book by stapling all the pages together or hole punching and placing the pages into a soft or hard covered binder.  These pages are great for the classroom or at home for kids and adults of all ages.  They were made with the youngest in mind so they aren’t too spooky and kid approved!  I know you will enjoy these free printable coloring pages.  To view the Halloween Coloring Book pages in a separate post by itself, Click Here.

To download the *free* printable halloween themed coloring book for kids



Our promise to you:  All of our printable’s are always free and can be printed in color or black and white by selecting the option to skip out on the color at the time of printing.  Each free printable is a full sheet of computer paper that can be hole punched and placed into a three ring binder for quick and easy organization. 


Here are some other great educational resources we like…

Education.com  (30,000 digital and printable learning resources)

ABC Mouse (an early learning academy with both web and app access)

Epic.com  (a digital library for kids with thousands of books to choose from)


Here’s some cool stuff you can buy…


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Laminating Pouches:

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If you’re looking to upgrade your printer, we purchased this one about a month ago and it’s been really great.  It’s high tech but not hard to understand, wifi, cloud capable, has two paper trays, reasonably priced ink and is a reliable brand for photo quality prints.   It’s also currently on sale at Best Buy for $70 off (regular $199.99 // sale price $129.99).

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If you click one any links provided on our site and make a purchase, we earn a very small commission from that purchase.  This helps keep our blog alive!  We very much appreciate your purchases and thank you for shopping through these links.   

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