Hey everyone!!  Life has been so busy lately for me!  I am knee deep in my photography studio renovation and in my down time I am working on building a website and recovering thousands of “lost pictures” from all the weddings I shot last year so I can update my portfolio to show all my potential future clients examples of my work.  Our computer crashed at the end of last wedding season and I don’t know what the current state of every picture I have ever taken, it’s a hard pill to swallow.

I also decided that I want to put some more time into my blog.  I have had a blog for fifteen years!  It wasn’t this exact blog because I have changed sites quite a few times but I have always kept online journaling just never full time.  I can’t say I am going to devote that into this blog at this current time because I have so much going on already but I do want to try and start writing on a regular basis and build a much more full site with way more interesting things to share like better food and fashion.  Because I LOVE FASHION and that’s a side of me that I never really get to enjoy or share with anyone.

So I want to move more towards that and share uplifting happy things like sale finds and skin products, this seasons must haves, healthy meals all that good stuff.  I miss writing and I miss building something just for the fun of it which is what this blog is to me and I hope someday I will be able to look back on it and find hundreds of pages of thoughts and good things that I took the time to stop and share.

I am giving this site a little facelift along with it!  I just changed up the theme this morning and I am going to be creating new menus and links to go along with the new content.  I am hoping to become more sociable with all of you in the process and maybe even start making some YouTube videos again since my daughter has been begging me!!  She loves making fun little videos so its also a nice way to bond with her.

Its a beautiful sunny day here and we are heading outside to jump in the pool, I hope you all are enjoying your day too!!

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