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*UPDATE*    BIG NEWS!!  I still can’t even believe this is real life but, hours after I posted this I got the approval email from @rewardStyle that I had been accepted into the Like to Know it platform.  I would love it if you would follow me there!  So I can keep you up to date on all the best sales that I can find starting with this holiday season.  Click here to follow me on Like to Know it!  If you don’t already have the app that’s ok.  If you follow me on Instagram there is a link in my profile.  I post sales all the time in my stories, if I talk about something you would like the link to, you can just click the link in my profile!  I have a Link Tree set up so you will click the link in my profile, click the Like to Know it button in my Link Tree and you’re there… sales!  I have also added a widget to the sidebar here on my blog.  You can click any picture and go straight to my Like to Know it page.  I will be using this page instead of the one I had made for myself because it will be must a lot easier for me to make everything look pretty for you guys!  I will be posting sales from all my favorites:  Amazon, Walmart, Target, Macy’s etc.  😉

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Hey everyone!  I have been shopping up a storm over here being totally proactive for Christmas trying not to cause myself that > OH NO I RAN OUT OF TIME < freak out I seem to end up with EVERY SINGLE YEAR > up until 2 am Christmas Eve playing Santa Claus.  You know how it goes… I hope!  I sincerely hope I am not the only one who does this to themselves year after year.  But this year, I am determined to be different and already completed all my kids shopping + I have a plan for family gifts that I am preparing to execute.  Divide on conquer!  Yes, I am going to do all the things this year ON TIME, or so I hope.

So with all this shopping I have decided to do some sharing because I am finding so many great sales right now with no one to tell.  I am sure many of you are looking for great sales so I am going to share what I find with you!  I share sales from time to time in my Instagram stories and have been saying I will get a link page up so I have somewhere t share the links.  I have not been accepted to liketoknowit yet, although I have applied so this will do for now until I have enough engagement to get into the program!  Alright so without further ado I give you my new sales page

>>> Click here to view the new Sale Finds page <<<<

Today I posted my absolute favorite blankets there that I recently ordered and will be sharing in stories this week.  SO soft, heavy and furry LOVE!   This is the start of the #blackfridaysales category I will be working on this week.   I will be putting together a list of the #bestblackfridaydeals I can find and sharing them on that page.


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