Photography Studio Design Board

For those of you who know me in “real life” you know know that I have been SLOWLY renovating the most adorable downtown store front into my very own photography studio.  It has been a process with pretty much my own two hands.  I have had some help here and there from an electrician and my husband but for the most part it has been all me, with kids and dog in tow.  I try to get there at least a few times a week to work on things and for a long time I was paying rent and doing nothing because I felt so defeated by the process.  But, I have since put my big girl panties on and got to work!

Have you ever stood in front of a project so big that you just felt defeated by it?  That is where I stood with my studio for about a year.  I just didn’t know where or how to start.  My husband works a million hours a week so I can’t rely on him for more than a few hours here and there.  So I had to figure this out on my own.  Now that I am knee deep into the project I have realized that it is very therapeutic and feels like a part of me is being reborn through all of this.  It is something that I needed to happen and I am proud of myself for sticking it out.

The first thing I did was rip out the old flooring and lay down the new flooring.  That turned out to be a very easy process, so easy it actually made me a little mad that I put it off for so long!  Once the new floor was down it felt so much cleaner and more comfortable.  The flooring a chose is from Walmart, it is a grey loose lat vinyl wood plank.  It feels heavy and is backed with a treaded rubber.  I love this flooring so much I want to buy more and put in down in our basement when we finish it.

The thing I love about this flooring is that it doesn’t need to be clicked together or glued down.  I just laid out a few rolls of underlayment and placed the flooring on top of it.  It stays nice and tight on the floor I’ve had no issues with it shifting or lifting up.  I wanted to include it in my design board but I couldn’t find a direct link for it so I will link it here instead:  click here to see the flooring.

The studio has been really coming together over the past few months that I have been steadily going and working on it.  I have been sharing videos on my instagram feed and in my stories of my progress.  If you want to check out the videos click here.

I created a design board for the look and feel that I wanted to go for in the studio and I have slowly been purchasing the same or similar items I had chosen on the design board.  So far I have purchased a similar couch, plant stand, similar or the same pillows, the same chandelier, similar lamp, the same twinkle lights, a similar egg chair and rug.  Even though this design board is for my studio, I am designing the space to feel like a tranquil home away from home.  This board can be used as an inspiration for any space in your home or your business!

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