Hello, hello!  Today I have some super cute free printable Thanksgiving coloring book pages to share!  I am so happy and excited about the holidays this year because I have somehow convinced myself that I am going to do all the things smoothly and efficiently.  I know, it sounds completely irrational.  I am not that person at all.  I am someone with the biggest intentions and the worst follow through… Every.  Single.  Year.  I start shopping and “planning” right after Halloween yet somehow I am up to 2am playing Santa every Christmas Eve.  Ugh.  Organization seems to be my nemesis, and I somehow am always my own worst enemy.  – But this year is going to be different –  I am promising myself and all of you – that this year is truly going to be different.

I have been doing things differently, making real changes.  It’s always said that you can’t keep doing the same stuff and expecting different results right?  So that’s where my heads at these days.  I have truly been working my butt off lately to organize my thoughts and get things done every single day.  There are a few things that have been helping me with that.  One of those has been making and using printable’s, many of which I have started sharing here because I hope that if they help me they may help some of you too!  I like printable sheets to help me with list making and planning.  I find that if I hide my thoughts away in a notebook most of the time, they will live and die there.  But if I hang them on the fridge, they may actually get done.

I’ve also been trying to get enough sleep.  I am definitely a night owl and I struggle with falling and staying asleep at night.  A few months ago I started having some pretty hardcore insomnia.  For whatever reason taking Melatonin was never something I wanted to do.   But I got to a point where I was so desperate for a good nights sleep I decided to read about it.  What I found out was just that, our bodies release melatonin naturally every night and sometimes our balance gets a little off.  So if you take it at night before you should be going to sleep, it gives you a little boost to calm you down and get sleepy.  I decided that didn’t sound bad at all and bought my first bottle of Melatonin gummies about two months ago.

I started chewing a few Melatonin gummies every night when I get into bed around 9/10pm and I have found that consistently by midnight I can barely keep my eyes open.  I also stopped drinking coffee after 5pm.  Those two changes have allowed me to sleep again and I feel like a new person.  Thank the heavens because I couldn’t take not sleeping much longer.  I was going bananas!  Something else that has helped me a lot has been getting enough sleep and not staying up late even if I know that I can sleep in the next day.  For whatever reason even if I can get eight hours between 2 and 10am my body is like um, NO I don’t like this one bit.  So I really try to cut myself off at midnight and go to sleep even though it can really be tough at times to do that because there are nights I want to stay up.  Read more about Melatonin here

The other thing I have been trying to do more of is, gettin pretty every day.  Haha!  You know when you’re walking around the house all day with no make up on hair in a bun wearing pajamas it starts to alter your personality a bit.  All of a sudden you go from this person who used to zip around the house checking off that to do this like a boss every day to someone who struggles to peel themselves off the couch.  Getting dressed and feeling put together definitely puts a pep in my step.  I find myself to be a lot more productive and positive thinking when I get dressed nice, do my hair and put on makeup.   It’s like tricking my mind into thinking I am actually doing really important things with my day even though I might just be doing laundry or cleaning out the pantry.  Or at least I am setting a good example for my kids.  Like I think about Beverly Goldberg, she always looks so pretty lol!  But for realz.  I don’t remember my mom ever walking around the house like a slob.  #stayprettyathome

What are some things that help you feel more productive during your day?  Do sleep and dressing up help you too?

I am also really big on me time right now.  I need some time at the end of the day to relax and unwind.  I love to end my day snuggled up in bed with my computer on my lap, writing or being creative, making printable’s, editing pictures, all the stuff I love.  With Thanksgiving coming, I have a few things in mind to do with my kids and of course, share on the blog.  Today’s free printable Thanksgiving coloring book pages was at the top of my list of things to make and, being that I am being super productive this year, I made them last night and am sharing them today 🙂

>>> Click Here to Download the Free Printable – Thanksgiving Coloring Book Pages! <<<

>>> This free printable coloring book download is a pdf file that prints as full sheets of 8.5×11 inch computer paper in black and white.  You can choose to print the whole thing or pick and choose whatever pages you like!  Save for later, share with friends or print right now, anything goes! <<<

Our promise to you:  All of our printable’s are always free and can be printed in color or black and white by selecting the option to skip out on the color at the time of printing.  Each free printable is a full sheet of computer paper that can be hole punched and placed into a three ring binder for quick and easy organization. 

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  • Monthly Calendars
  • Journaling Pages
  • Thanksgiving Themed Matching Card Game (great for preschool and kindergarten aged children)

And these recipes!

  • Our favorite corn muffins
  • A healthier pumpkin pie
  • Simple baked apples

Before you go….  Could you please share?

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  1. Thank you for sharing these coloring pages. I know my daughter and I will enjoy coloring them together.

  2. Definitely printing these out for my little one.

    1. I’m so glad you like them, enjoy! 😉

  3. Me time is so important. So glad you are doing things differently this year. And love these printables, getting them now for my toddler.

    1. Yes! And, I am so glad you like them, enjoy! 😉

  4. Cute coloring pages for the kiddos.

    1. Thank you!

  5. I just printed this for my nephews coming over for thanksgiving! This is amazing

    1. Awe!! You just made my day 😉

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