Thanksgiving Themed *Free* Printable Card Matching Game (Memory Game)

Thanksgiving Themed Printable Card Matching Game

These games are always fun for us to play as a family or one on one with my son alone.  He is four and has a short attention span.  Matching games are always a good choice with him because it’s a concept he almost understands.  He definitely gets that he needs to find matches, it’s just the patience of waiting for his next turn that seems to be an acquired skill.  Either way, these games are still a great learning resource so I decided to make a Halloween themed one and try out the laminator I had sitting in the back of our closet for way too long.

Supplies Needed:  

  • printer (and 8.5×11 inch printer paper) 
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • laminator
  • four 12×12 inch laminating pockets (or more of a smaller size)

This game has:

  • Large sized pieces are just right for small hands.  The set makes 24 cards (for 12 sets) and has bright, colorful pictures that encourage; interaction, pattern, color and shape recognition.  Develops fine motor skills, problem solving and helps with memory strengthening.  


  • Print all sixteen provided card pages. Take pages one and two (a front and a back page) place them together so the blank sides are touching. Repeat with the other three sets. You will have four sets total. Put your stack back together and cut out the cards using the white spacing as your guide. Try to keep the pages tightly together so your cards are even in size. Once they are all cut you can dap a little dot of glue (using a glue stick) to hold each card together. Warm up your laminator.  Open up a 12×12 laminating pocket and line your cards up leaving space between each card. You will have enough room to fit nine cards in each laminating pocket. When you have all your cards lined up neatly, run them through your laminator. From there, take your sheet and cut along the clear space in between each card. For best results, cut as evenly as possible.
  • Laminating Pockets FAQ…  The cards fit perfectly even in four 12×12 laminating pockets.  If you do not have that size it is ok, you will just need a few more pockets to fit all the cards.

Game Play:

  • All cards are laid face down on a flat surface. Take turns flipping two cards with each turn. If a pair is found, the player with the pair takes another turn. If not, the cards are turned back over and the next player takes a turn. The player with the most pairs wins the game.

To download the *free* printable matching card game for kids


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