Throwback Thursday Meaning – Part 1 – We’re Throwing it Back, Way Back

So I have realized that my site is turning into a million pages of free printable’s and recipes without ever showing our faces which really isn’t what I want.  I am trying to become more comfortable in front of the camera but it is a process >> I have spent most of my life hiding behind it <<  I was always a hobbyist photographer for as long as I can remember and then a few years ago I basically had a nervous breakdown and decided I was going to throw out years of nursing school for a degree in photography.  I know.  Crazy town.  But it’s all working out so yay for taking life by the balls.

I have always been SUPER shy like, run away from strangers when they tried to say hi to me and cry behind my mommas leg kind of shy.  Which lead to me growing up with zero self confidence.  Add some bad skin and yo yo diets to that and it was just a recipe for disaster.  Thankfully I never struggled in the dating department, or by that I mean, I’ve basically been married since I was 12 so at least I never had to worry about finding my ride or die.  You would think that would made me super confident walking around like YEAH. I. AM. THE. SHIT  >>> But instead <<<  I have spent most of my life living in my own shadow with my tail between my legs wondering if other people liked me.

Somehow someway I have stopped looking for the approval of others.  I really don’t know how it happened or even when it happened but lately I have decided that life is way too short to honestly give an ounce of a care to other peoples opinions about my life.  You don’t like me?  Move on!  Scroll on.  NEXT.  Like really, if you aren’t part of my tribe then COOL.  I didn’t even like you anyway.  LMAO.  But really, I am being so serious right now.  I don’t know how to be more dramatic then I already am but if you are reading this and you are struggling like I did to find your own voice, don’t give up!  YOU ARE WORTH IT, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, INTERESTING >> LITERALLY ALL THE THINGS <<

The only difference between you and the other people who seem so much more successful than you is this >> SELF CONFIDENCE << those other people are not holding themselves back.  Those other people are doing the thing because they believe that they can.  And that’s it.  They are talking and sharing and taking the pictures and working with the brands and starting the businesses and getting the jobs and the guys and the girls and the house >> BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED THEY WOULD << so they did.  Life is way too short not to believe you can.  Whatever it is that you dream of, just get up and do it.  I promise you, no matter what happens you will be better for it.

So in the spirit of being the best me I can possibly be.  I am going to share the pictures, my family, my face, my clothes, my style and home and all the things I secretly want to share but have always been to shy to share… with you because >> LIFE IS TOO SHORT << not to!  Why not?  Why am I holding myself back?  Let’s all just stop worrying about everyone else and live for ourselves.  Because at the end of the day, no one >> NO ONE << is going to make you happy except >> YOU <<


~ Happiness comes from inside of you ~  /// So lets all just focus on that ///

In spirit of this new IDGAF attitude about life I am going to start sharing throwback Thursdays of my family, our trips, funny moments, little movies, smiles/ tears and everything in between.  And YES my face is going to be there too!  Suck it insecurities.  I got this.

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